Europa Cold

Inverter Cooling Devices




The cabinet structure is the same as standard cold room devices, the principle of operation of which is different cooling devices. Inverter cooling devices ensure the elimination of the demerage current with the support of soft start thanks to the electronic drive, which allows the system to reduce electricity costs by 35-40%. Depending on this, due to the fan control outside the engine assembly, more electricity is saved. INVERTER COOLING DEVICES pay off the investment cost in a very short time, especially in enterprises with heavy cold storage traffic.



35-40% Energy saving,inverter support,
+50 C Outdoor condensation capacity,
Easy-to-clean condenser,
The outdoor unit and condenser unit can be produced independently,
Galvanized steel body. Service covers with individual compartments,
Combinations of sight glass and low, high pressure,
Drainage system,
Easy installation on the ceiling and wall,