Europa Cold

FOUR HPGK - Heat Recovery Device with Heat Pump


HPGK-Heat Recovery Devices with Heat Pumps are used to meet the fresh air load of neighborhoods. The device heats /cools the fresh air that will enter with the exhaust air in the neighborhood by means of a cross-flow heat exchanger and serves the area. In cases where the amount of heat transfer is not enough, the heat pump is activated to close the gap and provide a comfort condition. The device, which does not need an outdoor unit, has a compact structure and can be conveniently located in the attic Dec

HPGK-Heat Recovery Devices with Heat Pumps operate quietly and with high efficiency with AC or EC plug fans located on them. The air flow rate can be adjusted by stepless speed control or 3 stages with the speed switch sent as standard with the product.


Low volume, high efficiency EC/AC Plug fans,
Plug & Play control system,
Optional battery with water or electric heater,
Quieter mahals with optional channel type silencer,
Optional intelligent automation solutions.
High non-device static pressure,
Optional temperature, carbon dioxide and pressure sensors.
By-pass damper (freecooling and recuperator anti-freezing)
High efficiency, cross-flow recuperator
3-stage speed control / Stepless speed control